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Java Question

constructor Book in class Book cannot be applied to given types;

in main

Book new_novel=new MyBook(title,author,p);

Abstract Class:

abstract class Book

Book(String t,String a){

Inherited Class:

class MyBook extends Book{

MyBook(String t,String a,int p){
t= super.title;
a = super.author;
price = p;


Answer Source

As user ppeterka suggested in the comments, some Java tutorials would do you wonders. Here's a great place to start: https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/

However, here's a little help:

You need to define fields in Book and MyBook. For example:

public class Book {

    private String title;
    private String author;

As for the constructor, since MyBook extends Book, MyBook's constructor can call Book's constructor like this:

MyBook(String t,String a,int p){
    super(t, a); // Calls Book(title, author)
    price = p;

As an aside, user coder's statement that

you can't define object of type Book because Book is abstract

is false. Your code Book new_novel=new MyBook(title,author,p); is a perfectly good line of code assuming you've defined title author and p already.

I hope you enjoy learing Java!

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