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Select2 - use JSON as local data

I can get this to work...

var options = [{id: 1, text: 'Adair, Charles'}]
data: options,

But i cant work out how to get from here...

alert(JSON.stringify(request.names)) gives me...


To something that Select2 will accept as local data

Answer Source

Load data from a local array

The webpage of with the examples contains a demo to use Select2 with local data (an array).

The html

<input type="hidden" id="e10" style="width:300px"/>

The javascript

$(document).ready(function() { 

    var sampleArray = [{id:0,text:'enhancement'}, {id:1,text:'bug'}

    $("#e10").select2({ data: sampleArray });


Select2 load data if array has no text property

For your question the example e10_2 is relevant

<input type="hidden" id="e10_2" style="width:300px"/>

To achive that you need the function format() as seen below:

$(document).ready(function() { 

    // tell Select2 to use the property name for the text
    function format(item) { return; };

    var names = [{"id":"1","name":"Adair,James"}
             , {"id":"2","name":"Anderson,Peter"}
             , {"id":"3","name":"Armstrong,Ryan"}]

            data:{ results: names, text: 'name' },
            formatSelection: format,
            formatResult: format                        


This is the output:

Select2 - pimp my selectbox


To see the source code of each example it is best to use the network tab of the chrome dev tools and take a look of the html source before javascript kicks in.

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