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Display all text documents in folder in HTML div?

I have a folder of reviews in the form of .txt documents.

I want to be able to load these into a "review showcase" panel on the site. So it would show off what reviews we already have.

I've figured out with PHP how to get the form to save the information in the fields as a .txt file, but now I'm wondering how do I put all the .txt files into the div?

I have the div configured to scroll, so if I have lets say five reviews, the person browsing can scroll through to read all five of them.

Everything I've seen so far only seems to say "how to put ONE file in the div" like "helloworld.txt", but all of my .txt documents have different names.

If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.

Answer Source

If you want to load all of the *.txt files in a directory you may be interested in glob() something like this would work.

$contents = '';
foreach(glob('/path/to/files/*.txt') as $txtFile) {
    $contents .= file_get_contents( $txtFile );
echo $contents;

The way this works is that the glob() function looks for txt files in the directory specified. This returns an array of filenames.

The foreach() construct then iterates through that array. On each iteration the $txtFile variable gets set to be equal to the next value in the file list.

file_get_contents() then reads the txt file into a string which is appended to $content note the .= operator.

Note, that doesn't do any formatting, you may want to wrap each review in its own block element or something like that.

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