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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Writing ASP.NET frameworks other than WebForms or MVC?

I want to know what "clean" ASP.NET looks like. For example, I want to build my own framework on ASP.NET, and I don't know what assembly I should include.

All books discussing ASP.NET describe either WebForms or MVC, but none explain the ASP.NET layer of things.

What part of ASP.NET is meant in below picture?


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Both WebForms and MVC are implemented through a handler, see the ASP.NET Page Handler and MvcHandler Class on MSDN.

Handlers (MSDN: Introduction to HTTP Handlers) are the most lightweight way to utilize ASP.NET. You get access to an HttpRequest instance that knows everything about the request there is to know.

In a handler, you read this HttpRequest, apply your application logic and write the result throught the HttpResponse member instance that an IHttpHandler's HttpContext parameter in ProcessRequest(HttpContext context) has:

namespace HandlerExample
   public class MyHttpHandler : IHttpHandler
      // Override the ProcessRequest method.
      public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)
         context.Response.Write("<H1>This is an HttpHandler Test.</H1>");      
         context.Response.Write("<p>Your Browser:</p>");
         context.Response.Write("Type: " + context.Request.Browser.Type + "<br>");
         context.Response.Write("Version: " + context.Request.Browser.Version);

      // Override the IsReusable property.
      public bool IsReusable
         get { return true; }

A lot of ASP.NET, if not all, lives in the System.Web namespace.

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