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Edit and continue feature stopped working in Visual Studio 2010

The Visual Studio Edit and Continue feature stopped on Visual Studio 2010, and I don't know what has caused the problem.

I am working on a Windows application program using C#. This application was initially developed in Visual Studio 2008, and later upgraded to Visual Studio 2010.

Everything was working fine, including Edit and Continue, until I upgraded the .NET Framework from 3.5 to 4.0.

Now when I use debug mode, changing any line of the code in the IDE results in the following message:

Edits were made which cannot compiled. Execution cannot continue until
the compile errors are fixed.

Actually, there are no compilation errors, and I must restart the Visual studio to get the updates to run.

How can I get Edit and Continue to work again?

Answer Source

The Edit and Continue feature does not work with the dynamic keyword.

I tried to remove the method that uses a dynamic parameter, and the converted project now works on Visual Studio 2010.

Internet research reveals that is is a bug that has been reported to Microsoft. The link below has more details:

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