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Shell script change directory with variable

I know this question has been asked numerous times, but I still could not find any good solution. Hence, asking it again if anyone can help !!

I am trying to change a my working directory inside a shell script with help of a variable. But I get

" No such file or directory"

echo ${RED_INSTANCE_NAME} <-- This correctly displays the directory name
cd $RED_INSTANCE_NAME <-- This line gives the error

Now, when I try to give the actually directory name instead of using the variable, shell changes the directory without issues

cd test <-- No error

Does anyone knows what can be the issue here ? Please help !!

Answer Source

You variable contains a carriage return. Try saying:

cd $(echo $RED_INSTANCE_NAME | tr -d '\r')

and it should work. In order to remove the CR from the variable you can say:


The following would illustrate the issue:

$ mkdir abc
$ foo=abc$'\r'
$ echo "${foo}"
$ cd "${foo}"
: No such file or directory
$ echo $foo | od -x
0000000 6261 0d63 000a
$ echo $foo | tr -d '\r' | od -x
0000000 6261 0a63
$ echo $'\r' | od -x
0000000 0a0d
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