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Bookdown: Set Page Breaks

I cannot find out how to make a page break in R bookdown.
With page break I mean that the content within one page is displayed as one website.

By default there is always a page break in front of every new section (like

# Chapter 1
So, if I run
each section becomes one html file.
But, if I have a lot of subsections then these sites get very long.

I would like to have page breaks before every subsection (like
## Chapter 1.1

So far I tried adding
to the .Rmd or to just provide the .Rmd files in the same structure as I would like to have them as .html files.
Either way, the .html files are always created according to the sections.

Answer Source

I think this is specified by the split_by argument of gitbook as documented here.

Sounds like you are using chapter but you want to be using section

The split_by argument specifies how you want to split the HTML output into multiple pages, and its possible values are:

  • rmd: use the base filenames of the input Rmd files to create the HTML filenames, e.g., generate chapter3.html for chapter3.Rmd;
  • none: do not split the HTML file (the book will be a single HTML file);
  • chapter: split the file by the first-level headers;
  • section: split the file by the second-level headers;
  • chapter+number and section+number: similar to chapter and section, but the files will be numbered;
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