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Drag and drop Javascript HTML5

I am trying to make a drag and drop feature using javascript and HTML5, no jQuery. And I just cannot see what is wrong. Been looking at this for a long time and can't see where i failed. Can someone find it?

function doFirst(){
mypic = document.getElementById('dragapple');
mypic.addEventListener("dragstart", startDrag, false);

leftbox = document.getElementById('leftbox');
leftbox.addEventListener("dragenter", function(e){e.preventDefault}, false);
leftbox.addEventListener("dragover", function(e){e.preventDefault}, false);
leftbox.addEventListener("drop", dropped, false);
function startDrag(e){
var code = '<img id="dragapple" src="stealeripsum.png">';
e.dataTransfer.setData('Text', code);
function dropped(e){
leftbox.innerHTML = e.dataTransfer.getData('Text');
window.addEventListener("load", doFirst, false);


Answer Source

It's always the little things that catch us in the end. Inside your definition for the "dragover" event listener, you need to provide an argument list () to e.PreventDefault:

leftbox.addEventListener("dragenter", function(e){e.preventDefault();}, false);
leftbox.addEventListener("dragover", function(e){e.preventDefault();}, false);

That way, the browser will stop the default event response (which is to dis-allow dropping) and let your drop operation complete. Here's my silly jsFiddle demo illustrating success. The blue square is the #dragapple.

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