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Android missing platform tools

Please can someone assist me with this, I have an Ubuntu server (terminal only), I have downloaded the android SDK, I have java installed, when in /tools I try to run ./android and I get an error Missing platform-tools. So how do I from terminal install the platform tools, for some reason I cant find this information anywhere.

Every resource I find assumes I have a GUI and not terminal, even ubuntu's page - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AndroidSDK

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Android manager has a graphical interface. But it can also be used via command line for some cases.

Run with -u (no UI) option:

android update sdk -u

Accept licenses (y) and this will install/update everything required automatically.

To update/install selective packages only, first list packages available for install/update:

android list sdk -u

This will list available packages with a number index, for Example:

Packages available for installation or update: 11
   1- Android SDK Platform-tools, revision 24
   2- Android SDK Build-tools, revision 24
   3- Documentation for Android SDK, API 23, revision 1
   4- SDK Platform Android N, API 24, revision 1
   5- GPU Debugging tools, revision 3.1
   6- GPU Debugging tools, revision 1.0.3
   7- Android Support Repository, revision 33
   8- Android Auto Desktop Head Unit emulator, revision 1.1
   9- Google Play services, revision 30
  10- Google Play APK Expansion library, revision 1
  11- Google Play Licensing Library, revision 1

Now you can install packages, filtering (-t) by number index to install only those:

android update sdk -u -t 1,2

On Linux: You can add android tools to $PATH:

Lets say sdk directory is /home/user/sdk then:

edit user's bash profile:

nano ~/.bashrc

Add following to it:

export ANDROID_HOME=/home/user/sdk
export PATH=$PATH:$ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools
export PATH=$PATH:$ANDROID_HOME/build-tools

and save (CTRL+O and then CTRL+X)

Logout and login again, run from terminal:

echo $PATH

to verify.

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