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All jobs failing in C COMPSs execution

I have downloaded COMPSs 1.4 and some test programs from and I am trying to test them. Java executions went fine; however, I amb having problems with C.

I am currently trying to execute the Simple. The Readme states that I only need two commands:

buidapp simple

runcompss --lang=c master/simple 1

The app builds fine, but when executing with this command, I get the following error:

[ERRMGR] - WARNING: Job 1 for running task 1 on worker localhost has failed; resubmitting task to the same worker.

[ERRMGR] - WARNING: Task 1 execution on worker localhost has failed; rescheduling task execution. (changing worker)

[ERRMGR] - WARNING: No task could be scheduled to any of the available resources.
This could end up blocking COMPSs. Will check it again in 20 seconds.
Possible causes:
-Network problems: non-reachable nodes, sshd service not started, etc.
-There isn't any computing resource that fits the defined tasks constraints.
If this happens 2 more times, the runtime will shutdown.

After 3 checks, the execution ends with no results. Is there something I am missing?

Answer Source

When running an application with the C binding, the default project.xml is not valid because you have to define a project.xml which includes the place where the worker binaries are deployed in each host.

      <Worker Name="localhost">
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