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How to fix class is not a valid entity or mapped super class?

So I'm trying to follow symfony2's tutorial on doctrine for my own website and modeling my

entity after their

Also, before anyone marks this a duplicate, I have already tried the solutions given in numerous other questions with no luck:

and the list goes on

I have my entity class:

namespace MySite\MyBundle\Entity;

use Doctrine\ORM\Mapping as ORM;

* @ORM\Entity
* @ORM\Table(name="user")
class User
* @ORM\Column(type="integer")
* @ORM\Id
* @ORM\GeneratedValue(strategy="AUTO")
protected $id;

* @ORM\Column(type="string", length=100)
protected $name;

* @ORM\Column(type="string", length=64)
protected $password;

Now, I'm running the command:

$ php app/console doctrine:generate:entities MySite/MyBundle/Entity/User

to generate the accessor methods. However, when I do this, I get the error:

Class "MySite\MyBundle\Entity\User" is not a valid entity or mapped super class.

Answer Source

Ok, I figured it out myself. My problem is that my config.yml was wrong. I was missing the auto_mapping: true line in my config.yml.

    # (dbal stuff here)

        auto_generate_proxy_classes: "%kernel.debug%"
        auto_mapping: true

After adding that, everything auto-generates fine with the php app/console doctrine:generate:entities MySite/MyBundle/Entity/User line

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