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Egit: configure rebase as default pull strategy for master branch

In our new project we've got 10 repositories, each of which have interdependent Eclipse projects.

I plan to establish a default workflow, where each developer is working on the master branch and uses the commit-pull-push cycle. To reduce commits and get a nice linear history I prefer rebase as standard strategy for pull. This works fine, if branch.master.rebase=true is set.

Unfortunatelly it has to be set manually for all repositories, after they are cloned with EGit. I tried setting branch.autosetuprebase=always, but this affects manually created local branches only, not the master branch after a clone.

I would like to automatize the initial setting of branch.master.rebase=true to reduce errors and for convenience. Is there a way to do it? Preferably inside of Eclipse/Egit, but other ideas are welcome, too.

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As mentioned by Ozan's response to their original question, the correct solution is to add


in .gitconfig

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