Roland Roland - 3 years ago 338
Java Question

JavaBeans ActiveX Bridge for Java 8?

There used to be a JavaBeans ActiveX Bridge but AFAIK this is no longer supported under Java 8.

I want to call my JavaBeans from Excel, so what is the way to go with Java 8?

The problem is I have some legacy JavaBean packaged in a dll that I use from Excel. I don't have the source code to this bean. But I still want to use it with Java 8/9. Is this possible?

Answer Source

Obba seems to be a good way to go. Does anyone have experience with this library?

This wouldn't solve my problem though, because I would have to reimplement the whole functionality that is packaged in the DLL and also the way it is called from VBA is different. The Java ActiveX bridge would eliminate this necessity.

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