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Javascript Question

Regex matching comma delimited strings

Given any of the following strings, where operator and value are just placeholders:

"operator1(value), operator2(value)"
"operator1(value), operator2(value), operator_n(value)"

I need to be able to match so i can get each operator and it's value as follows:

[[operator1, value]]
[[operator1, value], [operator2, value]]
[[operator1, value], [operator2, value], [operator_n, value]]

Please Note: There could be n number of operators (comma delimited) in the given string.

My current attempt will match on
but nothing with multiple operators. See regex101 for the results.


Answer Source

You should be able to do this with a single regex using the global flag.

var re= /(?:,\s*)?([^(]+?)\(([^)]+)\)/g;
var results = re.exec(str);

See the result at Regex 101:

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