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SSL handshake exception while connecting over https using self signed certificate in android Nougat

In my android application i connect over https. I am using a self signed certificate to connect.
It is working on devices below api level 24 (before android nougat).But on android Nougat it throws the SSL Handshake exception : Trust anchor for
certification path not found.

This is how i connect over https:-

SSLContext context = null;
KeyStore keyStore = KeyStore.getInstance("PKCS12");
// Get the raw resource, which contains the keystore with
// your trusted certificates (root and any intermediate certs)
InputStream input = new BufferedInputStream(context.getAssets().open(pkcsFilename));
try {
// Initialize the keystore with the provided trusted certificates
// Also provide the password of the keystore
keyStore.load(input, password.toCharArray());
} finally {

KeyManagerFactory keyFactory = KeyManagerFactory.getInstance(KeyManagerFactory.getDefaultAlgorithm());
keyFactory.init(keyStore, "".toCharArray());

// Load CAs from an InputStream
// (could be from a resource or ByteArrayInputStream or ...)
CertificateFactory cf = CertificateFactory.getInstance("X.509");
Certificate ca = null;
input = new BufferedInputStream(context.getAssets().open(certificateFilename));
ca = cf.generateCertificate(input);
KeyStore trustStore = KeyStore.getInstance(KeyStore.getDefaultType());
trustStore.load(null, null);
trustStore.setCertificateEntry("server", ca);

// Create a TrustManager that trusts the CAs in our KeyStore
TrustManagerFactory tmf = TrustManagerFactory.getInstance(TrustManagerFactory.getDefaultAlgorithm());

// Create an SSLContext that uses our TrustManager
context = SSLContext.getInstance("TLS");
context.init(keyFactory.getKeyManagers(), tmf.getTrustManagers(), null);

HttpsURLConnection urlConnection = (HttpsURLConnection) url.openConnection();

I tried the following link, But it does not help.

This is my network config file. I have added it in my AndroidManifest.xml file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<domain includeSubdomains="true"></domain>
<certificates src="@raw/root_ca" />

Please help me how to solve this .

Answer Source

i got it working by adding a custom trust managers. While initializing the SSL Context context.init(keyFactory.getKeyManagers(), tmf.getTrustManagers(), null);

I modified it as :

context.init(keyFactory.getKeyManagers(), new TrustManager[] { tm }, null);
TrustManager tm = new X509TrustManager() {
                public void checkClientTrusted(X509Certificate[] chain, String authType) throws CertificateException {

                public void checkServerTrusted(X509Certificate[] chain, String authType) throws CertificateException {
                    for (int j=0; j<chain.length; j++)
                        try {
                        } catch (NoSuchAlgorithmException | InvalidKeyException | NoSuchProviderException |
                                SignatureException e) {
                            throw new CertificateException(e.getMessage());

                public X509Certificate[] getAcceptedIssuers() {
                    return null;

i verify the certificate with the server certificate . Now its working .

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