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How to fix "Task is not in your gulpfile" error when using npm link?

We have a bunch of applications sharing common gulp logic, so we made a gulp plugin that contains a bunch of custom tasks.

However we'd like to avoid installing gulp+our plugin (along with half the internet) for each of the applications we develop.

Ideally, I'd like to do:

npm install -g gulp
npm install -g <our gulp plugin>

Then for each app, we'd simply have to do:

npm link gulp
npm link <our gulp plugin>

Although this works, the problem is gulp no longer recognizes any of our custom gulp tasks. Any gulp command I run results in:

[15:16:51] Using gulpfile /workspace/my-app/gulpfile.js
[15:16:51] Task 'dev' is not in your gulpfile
[15:16:51] Please check the documentation for proper gulpfile formatting

The 'dev' tasks is in my gulp plugin, why isn't it finding it? My gulpfile.js only has this:

var gulp = require('gulp');
var mygulpplugin = require('mygulpplugin');

The exact same process works when gulp + the plugin is installed locally. Any ideas why?

Answer Source

Figured it out. Added the following line at the bottom of my module:

module.exports = gulp;

And my gulpfile in each module looks like this:

var gulp = require('gulp'); 
var mygulpplugin = require('mygulpplugin');
gulp.tasks = mygulpplugin.tasks;
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