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ASP.NET (C#) Question

How do I use a Branch Template in Sitecore?

I have a "Default Template" consisting of a bunch of sublayouts, most importantly the "ContactForm" sublayout. I want to create a Branch Template of the Default Template so that I can change the ContactForm sublayout to a "PressForm" sublayout. What I'm struggling with is exactly how I should do this.

At the moment I have gone into my Branches folder and created a new Branch Template and use my Default Template; I've named it Default Template Branch. I now have an item underneath it called $name which states that it is a Default Template. I can edit this to change the ContactForm sublayout to "PressForm".

Where do I go from here to get the desired result?

Answer Source

$name is the item instance that you'd want to edit. you should make a Contact branch and a separate Press branch. Then edit each $name below according to your changes (e.g. different presentation)

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