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Why GDataXML error for importing <libxml/tree.h>

Any body could help me please!
I want to use GDataXML but when I copy the GData files to my project the compiler gives me error "file not found" for this line :

#import <libxml/tree.h>

I think it has something to do with the instruction of using GData, because in above comment it says:

// libxml includes require that the target Header Search Paths contain
// /usr/include/libxml2
// and Other Linker Flags contain
// -lxml2

But I dont understand what should I do, would you please help me?

Answer Source

Hey guys this is very important step for the beginners that I found it for using

#import <libxml/tree.h>

here is the link that shows how to use it : http://iphone-bitcode.blogspot.com/2011/06/gdataxml-is-googles-xml-processing.html

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