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C++ Question

Need Autoduck Document Generator

I have an old DLL that was written in C++ and has a very nice windows help file that was created with Autoduck.

Some changes need to be made to the DLL, so the help file documentation will also need to be updated.

Where can I download the Autoduck program??

I have tried Doxygen, but it does not give me what I want. I would like to keep the help file format that was originally created.

Answer Source

I was able to find AutoDuck documentation with a Google search, but could not find the program itself. With luck I was able to get hold of the programmer that wrote the DLL that I want to document. He wrote it 20 years ago, but still had all the files for AutoDuck including the exe. I was extremly lucky, because there are also many Autoduck support/configuration files that were made for the DLL I am working with. Just the exe would not of been much help without these config files that were already made for this project. In Summary: It does not look like there is anywhere on the internet to download the AutoDuck.exe