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Python Question

f.write vs print >> f

There are at least two ways to write to a file in python:

f = open(file, 'w')


f = open(file, 'w')
print >> f, string

Is there a difference between the two? Or is any one more Pythonic? I'm trying to write a bunch of HTML to file so I need a bunch of write/print statements through my file(but I don't need a templating engine).

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print does things file.write doesn't, allowing you to skip string formatting for some basic things.

It inserts spaces between arguments and appends the line terminator.

print "a", "b" # prints something like "a b\n"

It calls the __str__ or __repr__ special methods of an object to convert it to a string.

print 1 # prints something like "1\n"

You would have to manually do these things if you used file.write instead of print.

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