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AngularJS $location.path() not reloading data of the destination view

In my angular project, when changing the path with

the destination view is displayed but the data aren't reloaded (typically after saving an item and going back to the list, the list is not updated).

I tried to add
, but nothing change.

I don't know what's wrong or missing to make this work.


  • $location.url()
    doesnt' work either

  • I'm using angular 1.2.26


Ok, after a lot of comments and answers, I think it's time to end this.

I didn't think it would have been a so complicated question.

So, my conclusion, giving all you said is :

  • Giving simple example of @yvesmancera, the default behavior of the controller is to reload itself

  • In a complex controller with a resource factory and some REST calls, any save or update action should also manually update the list reference, or trigger a full reload of the list

All of you gave me some good advices, so thank you.

Answer Source

Pseudo Code:-

    app.controller('myController', ['$scope', '$location','$http', 'ItemListService'
                    function($scope, $location, $http, ItemListService){
       $ = function(){
       ItemListService.getAllItems(); //get all the items;
        $scope.saveMethod = function(item){
       $ =; //this is the refresh part, return data through save method. Pull the latest data and bind it to the scope.
         $location.path('/fooView'); //dont think you even need this if you are entering data in a modal sorta thing, which on the same view. 

You service should look like,

app.service('ItemListService', function(){
    this.getAllItems = function(){
      //get the items from itemList
     //return all the items
   } = function(item){
     //save the item in itemList
     //**return all items again, call getAllItems here too.

Hope this helps!!

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