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Install Qt without admin rights

I'd like to download Qt. I tried to download it from Qt's website but this gives me an exe file and since I've got a limited account when I try to run it it asks for an admin password. I've searched the web for a way for a limited account to install Qt but I haven't found anything. Could someone please help me find a solution?

In case it matters, I'm using Code::Blocks and Windows 7.

Answer Source

Since I myself had the same problem a couple of years ago, I've created a website to help people in that situation. On this website, there are ZIP files that contain exactly the same files as the installer program that you found installs. All you have to do is unzip the ZIP files (which will take time) and place the files they contain in the right folder, nothing that requires administrator privileges. Exactly how you should do is explained on the website.

Furthermore, I recommend using Qt Creator to make your Qt projects instead of Code::Blocks, because it's difficult to get Qt5 to work with Code::Blocks and Qt5 is the version of Qt used on both this website and Qt's installer (see this question) (if you find a way to get Qt5 to work with Code::Blocks, all the better, maybe you could even answer the question for which I posted a link). Qt Creator is included in the ZIP files on my website and to use Qt with Qt creator, all you have to do is include the right header files, no linking is needed. The path of Qt Creator is in the table on the bottom of the website.

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