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SQL Question

sqlplus statement from command line

Is it possible to do something like this?

$ sqlplus -s user/pass "select 1 from dual"


$ echo "select 1 from dual" | sqlplus -s user/pass

I know I can put
select 1 from dual
in a file and do this:

$ sqlplus -s user/pass @myFile.sql

but I'm wondering if it's actually necessary to create a file just to satisfy sqlplus

Answer Source

Just be aware that on Unix/Linux your username/password can be seen by anyone that can run "ps -ef" command if you place it directly on the command line . Could be a big security issue (or turn into a big security issue).

I usually recommend creating a file or using here document so you can protect the username/password from being viewed with "ps -ef" command in Unix/Linux. If the username/password is contained in a script file or sql file you can protect using appropriate user/group read permissions. Then you can keep the user/pass inside the file like this in a shell script:

sqlplus -s /nolog <<EOF
connect user/pass
select blah;
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