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How to check if UDP packet received in C Linux

"recvfrom()" in below sample code waits until UDP packet is received.

But I need to check whether UDP packet is available or not.
If packet is not received, then continue other tasks.
If packet is received, then receive packet and parsing.
How can I do this in Linux c program? Please help!

for (;;)
printf("waiting on port %d\n", SERVICE_PORT);
recvlen = recvfrom(fd, buf, BUFSIZE, 0, (struct sockaddr *)&remaddr, &addrlen);
printf("received %d bytes\n", recvlen);
if (recvlen > 0) {
buf[recvlen] = 0;
printf("received message: \"%s\"\n", buf);

Answer Source

You can use select function to know a something is ready to be read on a socket.

while (1)
    int retval;
    fd_set rfds;
    // one second timeout
    struct timeval tv = {1,0};

    FD_SET(fd, &rfds);

    retval = select(1, &rfds, NULL, NULL, &tv);

    if (retval == -1)
    else if (retval)
        printf("Data is available now.\n");      
        // no data to read... perform other tasks
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