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Using xdebug with a front-end js SPA?

I have xdebug working great when I access my server directly (thru a vhost entry to the IP set up by homestead/vagrant). However, I have a decoupled frontend that I'm running on localhost:8080, that talks to that laravel backend server, but xdebug doesn't trigger on those requests. I think I just have to set the cookie

in my requests coming from the front-end, however I'm not sure how to do that with vue-resource as I didn't see anything in the docs for this. I tried the following:

Vue.http.headers.common['Cookie'] = 'XDEBUG_SESSION=PHPSTORM'

however, I get warned
Refused to set unsafe header "Cookie"
by chrome. Anyone have ideas of anything else I can try?

Answer Source

Couple of possible approaches outside of using COOKIE or GET/POST parameter.

  1. Use xdebug.remote_autostart = 1 in your php.ini -- will attempt to debug every single request (regardless of cookies or GET/POST parameters).

    Do not forget to restart you web server / PHP so that it will read you new config file.

    Downside: will attempt to debug every single request .. so even if no debugging is required you may see approx 1 sec delay while xdebug is trying to establish debug connection.

  2. Place xdebug_break(); in actual PHP code -- programmatic breakpoint that will also initiate debug session.

    Downside: need to edit PHP code for that.

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