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spring MVC sample web app

I'm looking for an example Spring MVC 2.5 web app that I can easily:

  • Setup as a project in Eclipse

  • Deploy to a local app server (using Ant/Maven)

There are a couple of example applications included with the Spring distribution ('petclinic' and 'jpetstore'), but they don't provide any Eclipse project files (or a way to generate them). They also seem a bit complicated for my needs, e.g. require a local database to be setup.

Answer Source

While not specifically an app you can download, Developing a Spring Framework MVC application step-by-step covers creating a spring application in Eclipse with an ant build script, complete with unit tests.

This meets the following requirements:

  • Spring MVC 2.5
  • Project in Eclipse
  • Deploy to a local app server using Ant
  • Uses HSQL (no need to install a local DB)
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