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How to install InfluxDB in Windows

I am new to InfluxDB. I could not find any details about installing InfluxDB on Windows. Is there any way to install it on a Windows machine or do I need to use a Linux server for development purposes?

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The current 0.9 branch of influxdb is pure go and can be compiled on Windows with the following commands:

cd %GOPATH%/src/
go get -u -f ./...
go build ./...

Of course you will need go (>1.4), git and hg.

If you do not want to compile your own version, you can also find here my own Windows x86 binaries for v0.9.0-rc11:

To run InfluxDB, type: influxd.exe.

Or even better, create the following config file, save it as influxdb.conf and run influxdb --config influxdb.conf:

reporting-disabled = true

#level = "debug"
#file = "influxdb.log"

enabled = true
port = 8083

port = 8086

dir = "data"

dir = "broker"
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