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Get bundle classes of private packages in another bundle

I have two osgi bundles A and B. All packages of bundle A are private. In bundle B I used the code from


class ClassA extends ClassB{

Bundle B

class ClassB{
public void doFoo(){
Bundle bundle = FrameworkUtil.getBundle(ClassAReference);
BundleWiring bundleWiring = bundle.adapt(BundleWiring.class);
// Getting all the class files (also from imported packages)
Collection<String> resources = bundleWiring.listResources("/", "*.class", BundleWiring.LISTRESOURCES_RECURSE);

List<String> classNamesOfCurrentBundle = new ArrayList<String>();
for (String resource : resources) {
URL localResource = bundle.getEntry(resource);
// Bundle.getEntry() returns null if the resource is not located in the specific bundle
if (localResource != null) {
String className = resource.replaceAll("/", ".");

However, I get resources - all classes which bundle A classloader loaded. But I need only the classes which are inside bundle A. I mean I need classes which belong to bundle A. To get them as I understand I need localResource. However,localResource is always null, but the classes are exactly in bundle A - for example ClassA . How to get classes which belong to bundle A in ClassB?

Answer Source

Instead of

Collection<String> resources = bundleWiring.listResources("/", "*.class", BundleWiring.LISTRESOURCES_RECURSE);


List<URL> resources = bundleWiring.findEntries("/", "*.class", BundleWiring.FINDENTRIES_RECURSE);

The second function only looks for resources in the specific bundle and in its fragment bundles. See the javadoc:,%20java.lang.String,%20int)

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