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iOS Question

How can I obtain the bundle for my framework code?

Is there any way to know which bundle corresponds to a source code file?

What I'm trying to accomplish is the following:

I have a source.swift/source.m file, inside of a Framework X. This file has a function, for instance: if it were in Swift ->

whoIsMyEnclosingBundle() -> NSBundle

What I need for this function to work properly is for me to be able to load, for instance, my Storyboards inside that framework.

I would like to make this function general, so NO hardcoding of the bundle's name

Answer Source

I think you're looking for +[NSBundle bundleForClass:].

If you're not inside a class, then you could use +bundleWithIdentifier: (this does mean you need to know the identifier ahead of time). The documentation recommends that method for frameworks that need their own bundle.

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