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Python Challenge #3: Loop stops way too early

I'm working on PythonChallenge #3. I've got a huge block of text that I have to sort through. I am trying to find a sequence in which the first and last three letters are caps, and the middle one is lowercase.

My function loops through the text. The variable block stores the seven letters that are currently being looped through. There's a variable, toPrint, which gets turned on and off based on whether the letters in block correspond to my pattern (AAAaAAA). Based on the last block printed according to my function, my loop stops early in my text. I have no idea why this is happening and if you could help me figure this out, that would be great.

text = """kAewtloYgcFQaJNhHVGxXDiQmzjfcpYbzxlWrVcqsmUbCunkfxZWDZjUZMiGqhRRiUvGmYmvnJ"""
words = []
for i in text:
toPrint = True
block = text[text.index(i):text.index(i)+7]
for b in block[:3]:
if b.isupper() == False:
toPrint = False
for b in block[3]:
if b.islower() == False:
toPrint = False
for b in block[4:]:
if b.isupper() == False:
toPrint = False
if toPrint == True and block not in words:
print (block)
print (words)

Answer Source

With Regex:

This is a really good time to use regex, it's super fast, more clear, and doesn't require a bunch of nested if statements.

import re
text = """kAewtloYgcFQaJNhHVGxXDiQmzjfcpYbzxlWrVcqsmUbCunkfxZWDZjUZMiGqhRRiUvGmYmvnJ"""
print(re.search(r"[A-Z]{3}[a-z][A-Z]{3}", text).group(0))

Explanation of regex:
[A-Z]{3] ---> matches any 3 uppercase letters
[a-z] -------> matches a single lowercase letter
[A-Z]{3] ---> matches 3 more uppercase letters

Without Regex:

If you really don't want to use regex this is how you could do it:

text = """kAewtloYgcFQaJNhHVGxXDiQmzjfcpYbzxlWrVcqsmUbCunkfxZWDZjUZMiGqhRRiUvGmYmvnJ"""

for i, _ in enumerate(text[:-6]): #loop through index of each char (not including last 6)
    sevenCharacters = text[i:i+7] #create chunk of seven characters
    shouldBeCapital = sevenCharacters[0:3] + sevenCharacters[4:7] #combine all the chars that should be cap into list

    if (all(char.isupper() for char in shouldBeCapital)): #make sure all those characters are indeeed capital
        if(sevenCharacters[3].islower()): #make sure middle character is lowercase
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