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angularjs directive two way binding does'nt work

Hello I'm having trouble with two way binding between my controller and my directive.

This is the Html

<map-brands brands="brands" focused-brands="focusedBrands" add-brand-input="addBrandInput" suggestions="suggestions" open-brand-tab="openBrandTab(data)" remove-brand="removeBrand(data)" brands-boolean="brandsBoolean" brand-arrow="brandArrow(data)" add-brand-input-change="addBrandInputChange(data)" add-the-brand="addTheBrand(data)" add-brand-iterator="addBrandIterator">


This is the Directive

"suggestions": '=?',
"brands": '=?',
"focusedBrands": '=?',
"addBrandInput": '=?',
"removeBrand": "&",
"openBrandTab": "&",
"brandsBoolean": "=?",
"brandArrow": "&",
"addBrandInputChange": "&",
"addTheBrand": "&",
templateUrl: '/views/directives/mapBrands.html'

This is the Js function with the problem:

$scope.addTheBrand = function(data){
$scope.addBrandInput = 'SomeText';


And finally the template:

<div class="brands-add-container" ng-if="brandsBoolean">
<input type="text" class="brandsAdd" ng-keydown="brandArrow({data:$event})" ng-model="addBrandInput" placeholder="ADD BRAND(S)" ng-change="addBrandInputChange({data:addBrandInput})" />
<span class="listOfSuggestions" ng-if="addBrandInput != '' ">
<span class="suggestion" ng-repeat="(key, value) in suggestions" ng-click="addTheBrand({data:value})" ng-class="{'activeBrand' : addBrandIterator == key}"> {{value}} </span>

The problem is when i type some text in the INPUT and afterwards i click the ng-click (located in the last span), The input text is not changing according to the addTheBrand function.

---In the console.log i have placed the addBrandInput is changed to "someText" but not in the input.

--- I've tried a simple example in CodePen using Directives and an controller function, it worked...

Could it be a problem in the project's structure?
If so, where should i look for the problem?

Answer Source

Objects are passed by reference while primitive types (string, number and boolean) are passed by value. The variable addBrandInput is a string, you should change it to a reference type, otherwise two way binding won't work

$scope.addTheBrand = function(data){                                
       $scope.addBrandInput = {
         label: 'SomeText'

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