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Lua - C++ Integration: Calling function in table from C++

I am not a Lua expert, but I've red some articles to understand how does it work. However I have problem with calling lua functions that belongs to a table from C++.

On example described below I am trying to call foo:bar from code. Call succeeded. However parameter "a" is nil ( return value is correct - when I'll change return value to for example 10, then it shows proper result )

Did I miss something during pushing function arguments to script ?

lua_State* state = LuaIntegration->GetLuaState();
lua_getglobal(state, "foo");
if(lua_istable(state, lua_gettop(state))) {
lua_getfield(state, -1, "bar");
if(lua_isfunction(state, lua_gettop(state))) {
lua_pushinteger(state, 0);
if (lua_pcall(state, 1, 1, 0) != 0) {
ErrorMessage = lua_tostring(state, -1);
ReturnValue = lua_tointeger(state, -1);

It calls function in lua:

foo = base_foo:new()

function foo:new(o)
o = o or {}
setmetatable(o, self)
self.__index = self
return o

function foo:bar(a)
if a==10 then
return a
return 0

Answer Source

You forgot the sugar in your C++ call.

If you read the Function Calls section of the lua manual you'll see that

A call v:name(args) is syntactic sugar for,args), except that v is evaluated only once.

Which means that base_foo:new() is really just

That's what you are missing in your C++ call.

You need to pass the table as the first argument to the function when you call it.

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