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Python Question

Print empty line?

I am following a beginners tutorial on Python, there is a small exercise where I have to add an extra function call and print a line between verses, this works fine if I print an empty line in between function calls but if I add an empty print line to the end of my

I get an indent error, without the added print line all works fine though, any suggestions as to why?

Here is the code:

def happyBirthday(person):
print("Happy Birthday to you!")
print("Happy Birthday to you!")
print("Happy Birthday, dear " + person + ".")
print("Happy Birthday to you!")
print("\n") #error line


Answer Source

You will always only get an indent error if there is actually an indent error. Double check that your final line is indented the same was as the other lines -- either with spaces or with tabs. Most likely, some of the lines had spaces (or tabs) and the other line had tabs (or spaces).

Trust in the error message -- if it says something specific, assume it to be true and figure out why.

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