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Python Question

Python intersection with substrings

I have two sets:

a = set(['this', 'is', 'an', 'apple!'])
b = set(['apple', 'orange'])

I want to find if there are any (b) in (a) including substrings.
normally I would do:

c = a.intersection(b)

However, in this example it would return an empty set as 'apple' != 'apple!'

Assuming I cannot remove characters from (a) and hopefully without creating loops, is there a way for me to find a match?

Edit: I would like for it to return a match from (b) e.g. I would like to know if 'apple' is in set (a), I do not want it to return 'apple!'

Answer Source

Instead of doing the equality check via ==, you can use in for substring match which also covers equality:

>>> [x for ele in a for x in b if x in ele]
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