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How to create heat map on a table in SSRS?

enter image description here

How can I create like this in SSRS? The color will change from red to green based on a value in a row (Underwriter). And all that in a group:

enter image description here

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You can do this by right clicking on the individual cells and setting the fill colour based on an expression:

In the Image below I've mistakingly put "==" where it should be "=" enter image description here

To give you an example the following:

enter image description here

was created using the following expressions for the ID30, ID60 and ID90 fields respectively:


=IIF(Fields!ID30.Value>="0" And Fields!ID30.Value<="100" ,"#c6c626",IIF(Fields!ID30.Value>="100" And Fields!ID30.Value<="200" ,"#c6c627",IIF(Fields!ID30.Value>="200","#9e2424","red")))


=IIF(Fields!ID60.Value>="0" And Fields!ID60.Value<="100" ,"#c6c626",IIF(Fields!ID60.Value>="100" And Fields!ID60.Value<="200" ,"#c6c627",IIF(Fields!ID60.Value>="200","#9e2424","red")))


=IIF(Fields!ID90.Value>="0" And Fields!ID90.Value<="100" ,"#c6c626",IIF(Fields!ID90.Value>="100" And Fields!ID90.Value<="200" ,"#c6c627",IIF(Fields!ID90.Value>="200","#9e2424","red")))
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