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C++ program Exits when deletes an char array

There is a problem in deleting the elements of my array.
You can see some of my code below.

after second running of

delete[] payload[x].data
at the second
loop, the program exits.

struct s_payload{
u_char data[300];
u_char sample[300] ="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, eu mea laudem impetus.";
int _bufferSizeConnection = 1000;
int testCounter = 0;
s_payload* activeBuffer = new s_payload[_bufferSizeConnection];
for (;;) {
for (long int counter = 0; counter < _bufferSizeConnection; counter++) {
memcpy(activeBuffer[counter].data, sample, 299);
//_buffersConnection is std::queue
testCounter += 1;
if (testCounter == 15) {
LOG_INFO(">testcounter %d", testCounter);
activeBuffer = new s_payload[_bufferSizeConnection];
for (int i = 0; i < 15; i++) {
//taking one of the activeBuffer from _buffersConnection
s_payload* payload = _buffersConnection.wait_and_pop();
for (int x = 0; x < _bufferSizeConnection; x++) {
u_char* current= payload[x].data;
delete[] payload[x].data; //Exit at the second running of this line;
delete[] payload;

what is wrong with this piece of code?
Thanks in advance.

cxw cxw
Answer Source

You have said activeBuffer = new s_payload[...], so you could legitimately say delete[] activeBuffer. However, data is an array, not a pointer, within each s_payload element of activeBuffer. Therefore, you don't need to delete payload[x].data — whenever you delete payload[x] or delete[] payload, data will also be gone.

However, I would recommend rethinking your approach rather than trying to patch what you have. You are pushing and popping arrays of fixed-size buffers — is that really necessary? Could you just push and pop std::strings or std::vector<unsigned char>s, and not have to worry as much about your memory management? A std::vector can hold an arbitrary amount of data, for example.

Let the library do as much of the work as possible so you won't have to!

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