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How To Install Or Switch To Older Version of GNU Parallel?

I'm working with a related issue to GNU Parallel where we suspect a bug in the most recent GNU parallel release (How To Avoid SIGCHLD error In Bash Script That Uses GNU Parallel) and I would like to revert to an older version.

Originally, this is the code I used to install:

wd=$(mktemp -d)
wget -nc -P $wd

cd $wd
tar -xf parallel-latest.tar.bz2
cd parallel-*
./configure && make && make install

(Code found here: which cygwin package to get `parallel` command?)

This is the code I found to uninstall:

(wget -qO - || curl | bash
cd parallel-20*/
make uninstall

(Code found here: How to uninstall GNU parallel?)

Would it be correct to uninstall and then install the older package? Or, is there a way to install the older package and specify which version I would like to use?

Your insight and support of this question is highly appreciated.

Answer Source

From README (replace 20160922 with the version you want):

bzip2 -dc parallel-20160922.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -
cd parallel-20160922
./configure && make && sudo make install
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