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Web Design Practices to best handle various devices

I'm considered above novice in web design and I've found holes in my education. My professor taught us with Dreamweaver and simply used it because Dreamweaver does 80% of the work (this was through a Business School, efficiency was the focus not quality).

This didn't teach me hardly anything even though I scored high in the class. I'm doing more web design and currently I'm having trouble understanding how to program to account for various devices. What I want to know are code examples, articles (I've found a few and they didn't have anything helpful), or anything else that could be conducive to filling my holes.

I want to program code professionally that handles screen widths, browsers, and other device quirks that can affect a web page. Basically I'm lacking in good practices in formatting. Thank you for your patience and time!

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There is some good advice here although a couple of things mentioned may cause you some confusion given you will be researching responsive design for the first time. First off it is ok to use px sizes and you do not always have to use % or em's. Your choice of measurements depends on your design and how you would like it to respond. SASS is definitely something worth learning but for now it has no relevance to you learning responsive design.

There are endless tutorials on youtube (try this channel) about building basic responsive websites. If you want to learn responsive web design and really understand the principals behind it then I would recommend this book Responsive Web Design. Its a very short read but is a great resource.

Also you mentioned that you have limited coding skills so I am assuming you only have basic HTML. Although HTML in principal is easy to understand, when it comes to building responsive websites you really need to add extra focus not simply on semantic tags, but on how your HTML is layed out. Again this depends on your design and how you want your site to look on different screen sizes, and as you start to build your first projects it will become clearer why I have mentioned the importance of your HTML layout.

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