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jQuery Question

jQuery simulate click

I want to trigger a function when the page is loaded. There are many ways to do this.
However, when I add

in front of my function, then the
function is not recognized. For example:

$('#button').click(function getType(id) {
//...some code

error: getType is not defined

What am I doing wrong?

Just to clarify, in this case I cannot use an anonymous function. Also, it does not matter to me whether I use
$(window).bind("load", function()
, but using these I still get the “getType is not defined” error.

Answer Source

You either have you make your function anonymous:

$('#button').click(function() {
    //...some code

Or pass the function itself:

function getType() {
    //...some code


If you just want to trigger a click, call .click():


Also, your id parameter won't be the element's id. It'll be the click event object. To get the element's id, you can refer to the clicked element using this:

$('#button').click(function() {
    var id =;

I suggest you read a few JavaScript and jQuery tutorials (in that order).

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