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css ellipsis on second line


text-overflow: ellipsis
on second line, is this possible? I can't find it on the net.


what I want is like this:

I hope someone could help me. I need
an ellipsis on the second line of...

but what's happening is this:

I hope someone could help me. I ...

Answer Source

A requirement for text-overflow: ellipsis; to work is a one-line version of white-space (pre, nowrap etc). Which means the text will never reach the second line.

Ergo. Not possible in pure CSS.

My source when I was looking for the exact same thing just now: (Quirksmode ftw!)

EDIT If the good CSS gods will implement we can haz this in pure CSS using fragments (new) and max-lines (new). Also some more info on

EDIT 2 WebKit/Blink has line-clamp: -webkit-line-clamp: 2 will put ellipsis on 2nd line.

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