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How to write space in default values of properties in jsdoc

I can't find a way to print space when documenting properties default values in JSDOC. Example:

* @prop {string} str='String with space' - The string.

This will be documented as:

Name Type Default Description
str string 'String with space' - The string

Any suggestion how to do the proper one?

Answer Source

I don't quite have the solution, but today I was facing the same issue and found a work-around. :) The problem is that the current jsdoc parser (and regex) only handles this correctly if we use the optional brackets. And on this case, we want a default not being optional.

Inside publish.js of your template add this. I use the " - " as separator, so make this work, use " - " on your descriptions and this will post-process the parser correctly.

data().each(function(doclet) {
    if ( { = {
            var separator = " - ",
                separatorLength = separator.length;

            var defaultvalue = property.defaultvalue;
            var description = property.description;

            if( property.defaultvalue !== 'undefined' && !property.optional && description.indexOf(separator) > 0) {
                var index = description.indexOf(separator);
                defaultvalue += " " + description.substr(separatorLength, index-separatorLength);
                description = "<p>" + description.substr(index + separatorLength, description.length);

            return {
                defaultvalue: defaultvalue,
                description: description,
                type: property.type,
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