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Ruby Question

how to scroll a web page using watir

I am trying to scroll a web page to find and click on a content that is lazily loaded when the page is scrolled. I am using following command

require 'watir-webdriver'

@browser = Watir::new :firefox
@browser.send_keys :space

I am using web-driver with firefox and I am on ubuntu but it is not working. In the following ruby code I am trying to scroll the page down until I don't find the element with :id. The element is loading lazily.
I am getting timeout after few seconds, any idea what is wrong with the following code.

When /^deal (\d+) is loaded$/ do |id|
(0..5).each do |click|
@browser.send_keys :space

What is the best way to scroll a page using watir-driver ?

Answer Source

If you have JavaScript enabled, you can access the underlying driver and execute some JavaScript to scroll on the page.


will scroll down the page 200 pixels along the y axix.

See here for documentation of the method:

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