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PHP Question

Osticket Department Email ID

I want to fetch the

ost_department email_id

I have used the following method

$args1 = array( 'username' => $this->osticket->username,
'password' => $this->osticket->password,
'departmentId' => $dept->id

try {
$getmail = $osticket->__call('ostDepartment.getInfo',$args1);

echo '<pre>', print_r($getmail);exit;
} catch(SoapFault $e) {
$error = true;

Here is the output for my echo

stdClass Object
[id] => 3
[name] => bcod
[email] => Support
[isPublic] => 1

Through these details how can I fetch the department email id i,e from department table of osticket

Answer Source

Check this


and this

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