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Multiple OpenVPN Connections to Different Ports

I have done research into this, however, I don't really understand how I can accomplish this.

OpenVPN FAQ Regarding this Topic:

My goal is to connect to multiple servers/have multiple connections to a server, using OpenVPN. (Specifically, using Python 3.4.)

For example, I would like to connect to a server -, which uses the TCP protocol 443. In order to use multiple connections, I would need to bind it to a port, e.g. 9537. Now, for the other connection, I would like to connect to, which uses the same protocol. I would need to bind it to a different port, e.g. 9538.


Now, How would I do this? (Please give examples in Python [Any version, I can port] if you can. Or, pseudo-code that I can work from..)
I'm not really sure what the whole, TUN/TAP driver thing is, how to create another driver... It's confusing. So anybody that could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Just put one .ovpn file for each connection inside openvpn's config/ directory.

When you start openvpn (without specifying --config), it will read all of them and create a connection for each one.

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