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Exclude/Remove Value from MVC 5.1 EnumDropDownListFor

I have a list of enums that I am using for a user management page. I'm using the new HtmlHelper in MVC 5.1 that allows me to create a dropdown list for Enum values. I now have a need to remove the Pending value from the list, this value will only ever be set programatically and should never be set by the user.


public enum UserStatus
Pending = 0,
Limited = 1,
Active = 2


@Html.EnumDropDownListFor(model => model.Status)

Is there anyway, either overriding the current control, or writing a custom HtmlHelper that would allow me to specify an enum, or enums to exclude from the resulting list? Or would you suggest I do something client side with jQuery to remove the value from the dropdown list once it has been generated?


Answer Source

You could construct a drop down list:

@{ // you can put the following in a back-end method and pass through ViewBag
   var selectList = Enum.GetValues(typeof(UserStatus))
                        .Where(e => e != UserStatus.Pending)
                        .Select(e => new SelectListItem 
                                Value = ((int)e).ToString(),
                                Text = e.ToString()
@Html.DropDownListFor(m => m.Status, selectList)