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How to remove a specific parameter in MySqlCommand?

I'm trying the parameter called

from my parameters list. In particular I've the following code:

Using dbCon As MySqlConnection =Connection()


query = "INSERT INTO user (id_users, GUID)
VALUES(@idp, @guidp)"

MyCommand = New MySqlCommand(query, dbCon)

MyCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@user_id", 4) 'Parameter to replace in the next time
MyCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@guidp", GUID)

... There is other parameter here I reduce in this example


MyCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@idp", 5) 'Should replace the @idp but doesn't

End Using

Now my query is just an example, I've a very long list of parameters so I don't want create redundant code. My application perform the insert in a local db and in online db. In the
function I pass the
as parameter and use
for replicate the exact query in the online db. The problem's that in this specific case I've a constraint on this table, so I can't use the
of the query executed in the above code. For avoid this situation I've save a global variable that can be used in any class, this variable is used in the replaced parameter, but here for show what I want to achieve I just replace the variable name as
value, here:

MyCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@idp", 5)

How I can replace the parameter
with my
value instead of
without execute a
and redeclare all the parameters already use?

If something is unclear, tell me and I'll explain.

Answer Source

Don't use AddWithValue. If you create parameters you can use Remove to exclude one without Clear(). (caveat: I don't use MySQL so this syntax may not be exact)

MySqlParameter parUserId = new MySqlParameter("@user_id", MySqlDbType.Int32);
parUserId.Value = 5;
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