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Missing Properties when opening VS2010 C++ projects with VS2015

I'm using Visual Studio 2015 to work with Visual Studio 2010 C++ projects.
Those projects are not converted and need to stay true 2010 projects.

Compiling works as expected.
However, when I try to modify the project properties I only get Codeanalysis, everything else is missing.

See here:
enter image description here

In VS2010 it looks as expected:

enter image description here

Can reproduce that: every new c++ project I create in VS2010 does not show the properties in VS2015.

Answer Source

Ok, the problem is indeed due to language settings.

Settings with issue:

  • VS2010 german version
  • VS2015 english version

-> project properties missing

This fixed it:

  • VS2010 german version
  • VS2015 switched to german language

-> project properties there

enter image description here

Unfortunately it is not possible to change language in VS2010 without re-installing. And I don't want to stay with VS2015 in german language :(

UPDATE: I reported that issue at microsoft and they just confirmed it. So this might be fixed in a future update

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