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Android Question

Xamrin.Forms Navigation.PopAsync not changing page on android

I have a login button, which when clicked triggers this method:

async void OnLoginButtonClicked(object sender, EventArgs e)
Navigation.InsertPageBefore(new SiteSelectionPage(), this);
await Navigation.PopAsync();

On iOS it works fine and the new page and title appear. On Android the title of the page changes from "Login" to "Site Selection" (which is what I want), but the content does not change at all (the username and password Entry boxes are still on the page).

Does anyone know why this is happening specifically on Android?


I can see in your code that you are trying to login the user, so what you can try is changing the App.MainPage in stead of doing that:

Application.Current.MainPage = new NavigationPage(new SiteSelectionPage());

Then if you want to remember if the user is already logged in you can try storing a Setting with this NuGet Package: