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Regex (ICU) for matching between parentheses

Looking for some regex which will create a capture group for words occurring within parentheses, ignoring the parentheses themselves. The regex must be either PCRE or ICU.


( lakshd asd___ asa1123 Name : _____)

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What I've tried:




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What I've tried:


All these patterns look for name or Name or NAME that has a ( immediately before and ) right after, with difference being what is captured or returned as a match. To match some word inside parentheses, you need to use \([^()]* before the value you need to get, and [^()]*\) after it.

Also, there is no point in extracting something you already know.

So, if you plan to extract the last word from the parentheses, you may use

> library(stringr)
> s = "( lakshd  asd___ asa1123 Name : _____)"
> res <- str_match(s, "(?i)\\([^()]*\\b([a-z]\\w*)\\b[^()]*\\)")
> res[,2]
[1] "Name"

Note that str_match allows accessing captured values.

The (?i)\\([^()]*\\b([a-z]\\w*)\\b[^()]*\\) pattern matches parentheses and the last whole word from it.