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XMPPFramework - How to create a MUC room and invite users?

I am using Robbiehanson's iOS XMPPFramework. I am trying to create a MUC room and invite a user to the group chat room but it is not working.

I am using the following code:

XMPPRoom *room = [[XMPPRoom alloc] initWithRoomName:@"" nickName:@"room"];
[room createOrJoinRoom];
[room sendInstantRoomConfig];
[room setInvitedUser:@""];
[room activate:[self xmppStream]];
[room inviteUser:jid1 withMessage:@"hello please join."];
[room sendMessage:@"HELLO"];

The user should receive the invite message but nothing is happening.

Any help will be appreciated. :)

Answer Source

After exploring various solutions, I've decided to compile and share my implementation here:

  1. Create an XMPP Room:

    XMPPRoomMemoryStorage *roomStorage = [[XMPPRoomMemoryStorage alloc] init];
     * Remember to add 'conference' in your JID like this:
     * e.g. uniqueRoomJID@conference.yourserverdomain
    XMPPJID *roomJID = [XMPPJID jidWithString:@"chat@conference.shakespeare"];
    XMPPRoom *xmppRoom = [[XMPPRoom alloc] initWithRoomStorage:roomStorage
    [xmppRoom activate:[self appDelegate].xmppStream];
    [xmppRoom addDelegate:self 
    [xmppRoom joinRoomUsingNickname:[self appDelegate].xmppStream.myJID.user 
  2. Check if room is successfully created in this delegate:

    - (void)xmppRoomDidCreate:(XMPPRoom *)sender
  3. Check if you've joined the room in this delegate:

    - (void)xmppRoomDidJoin:(XMPPRoom *)sender
  4. After room is created, fetch room configuration form:

    - (void)xmppRoomDidJoin:(XMPPRoom *)sender {
        [sender fetchConfigurationForm];
  5. Configure your room

     * Necessary to prevent this message: 
     * "This room is locked from entry until configuration is confirmed."
    - (void)xmppRoom:(XMPPRoom *)sender didFetchConfigurationForm:(NSXMLElement *)configForm 
        NSXMLElement *newConfig = [configForm copy];
        NSArray *fields = [newConfig elementsForName:@"field"];
        for (NSXMLElement *field in fields) 
            NSString *var = [field attributeStringValueForName:@"var"];
            // Make Room Persistent
            if ([var isEqualToString:@"muc#roomconfig_persistentroom"]) {
                [field removeChildAtIndex:0];
                [field addChild:[NSXMLElement elementWithName:@"value" stringValue:@"1"]];
        [sender configureRoomUsingOptions:newConfig];

    References: XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat, Implement Group Chat

  6. Invite users

    - (void)xmppRoomDidJoin:(XMPPRoom *)sender 
         * You can read from an array containing participants in a for-loop 
         * and send multiple invites in the same way here
        [sender inviteUser:[XMPPJID jidWithString:@"keithoys"] withMessage:@"Greetings!"];

There, you've created a XMPP multi-user/group chat room, and invited a user. :)

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